Who we are?
Insight: the one key tool that shapes our direction
We are a group of young professionals who have a common passion for creative ideas. A cozy small team that always works together in trying to push the boundaries of creativity in a bid to always produce unexpected yet relevant creative solutions.Our rich and yet diverse backgrounds allow everyone to bring unique inputs which makes a super unique idea when combined.

What we do?
Intelligence: facts are key to appropriate solutions
We are an advertising agency. We offer marketing solutions at all levels. Be it brand creation, promotions, advertising, interior/exterior decor or printing. Our spirit of doing the not yet done remains the epitome of our goal. We believe nothing is impossible. Just more interesting methods to achieving and surpassing the desired goal.

How we do it?
Imagination: free thinking often leads to fresh ideas
Research, investigations and interviews have a high influence in our initial idea building stages. These give us the data we need to then answer our clients brief better. It enables us to give solutions that not only please the client on presentation day, but go on to wow their intended target market. We believe creativity without intel is a song, but with intel it becomes a cause or movement.

What drives us?
Ideas: Good ideas do not drop from space.
The passion for fresh, unique, bold and new ideas drives us. We believe that is the one aspect that makes us stand out front the rest. We are always ready to face the challenges and fights of new ideas being opposed simply because they are new and different. Our satisfaction is in providing a fresh idea that only grabs attention, but also satisfies clients objective in the brief.
IM community service goes beyond the advertising world. We like giving back to the local community by developing a separate brand that initiates fundraising for schools and children in the Dar es Salaam region. Our successful projects include building new classrooms with other stakeholders (school officials, teachers, parents, and wider community), supporting local football teams and providing them with sports equipment to assist them to thrive and develop more skills in order to give back to the community later on in their lives. Supporting the circle of success and sharing the wealth with our community.

What makes us unique?
Innovation: masterpieces come from passion and skill
The fear of being number two. Our passion, our talent, our skill, our experience and our undying want to be the best always. There is no wonder that we have designed the winning pavilions at both Saba Saba and Nane Nane exhibitions for TIB for 2 years consecutively. NSSF, our loyal client, has won the best pavilion for 5+ years successively as a result of our dedication, hard work and attention to detail. Why talk to us? Inspiration: Trendsetters are those who always think ahead and make things happen. We are here for you. We thrive to satisfy you. But we also thrive to satisfy your business needs more. We hold ourselves accountable for the results your brand gets in relation to the communication solutions we offer. So in general we talk the talk and walk the walk.
Need results? Talk to us.